Pamela York

Time to record again

Many of you have been asking me when I will be doing another recording again. The answer is this month!  In two weeks I head into the studio at KUHF in Houston to make a CD of hymns and spirituals.  I have been waiting patiently for this to happen for several years.

Everything I will record predates 1900, though all pieces have been arranged so that the harmony is contemporary.  I am anxious for you to hear this music. Please see my Calendar page to view the Sherman Clay Pianos date.  My trio will be previewing material from the upcoming CD.  Admission to the concert is free!

I won't list the hymns for you now, but I'm curious—what are your favorites? Which ones would you enjoy hearing?


I'd like to purchase several copies of the hymns and spirituals CD when it is available. Looking forward to hearing more of your music in person and on CD.
My favorite hymn is "Be Thou My Vision" (642 in the Trinity Hymnal)
Can't wait to hear the new line-up.

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