Not too many new pianist-composers write songs as finely finished as York’s, and even fewer have the maturity to craft album statements as complete and balanced as The Way of Time.” - Thomas Conrad

Jazz Times

An amalgam of blues, bebop, swing, and scat-like improvisations, Lay Down This World from Pamela York is smelted into a melodic fusion that's textually ethereal and aurally uplifting.” - Susan Frances


This album gloriously illustrates York’s impressive ability to rework and reharmonize traditional material for a modern jazz audience.” - Bobby Reed


Judging on York's swinging agenda here, we would most certainly expect to see a career unfold.”

— Jazz Society of Oregon

Subtlety and service to the music are Pamela York's hallmarks.” - Willard Jenkins

— Insights Online Reviews

It should be noted that like Lester Young, Bill Evans, and other of the more lyrical players, Pamela York plays each melody with a singer's grace and vibrancy. She plays music rather than technique.” - Roger Crane

— L.A. Jazz Scene

Canada gave us a multitude of musical talent including Oscar Peterson, Diana Krall, and now Pamela York. A most pleasant surprise, Ms. York is a young lady with a mind of her own, a fine touch, a very musical sound, and technique to spare (but used with discretion). A young musician is expected to reflect certain influences, which holds true for York. In listening to her debut recording there are traces of Bill Evans, but not in that fashionable copycat way so prevalent in other piano performers. Ms. York has a style and doesn't make a pastiche or melange of what she's heard others do. Her time is good too and she has a refreshing way of voicing chords and unusual in a debut release, she doesn't try too hard.”

— Carmel Voice

From the first track York displays a sumptuous melodic vision and the ability to maintain rhythmic tension even at leisurely ballad tempos.”

— San Diego Union Tribune

Canadian-born Pamela York is the ultimate pianist. Her performance set a precedent for what was to become one of the finest displays of pure, unadulterated jazz ever seen in Houston. The trio performed a cornucopia of tunes ranging from those of Gershwin to Pamela York originals. Pamela has a subtle style about her, yet she is able to draw her audiences in with each melodic note. Her touch on the keys is light and effortless, yet she is able to convey her message with a voice and style that is uniquely hers. While playing tunes made famous by some of the legendary masters, Pamela York makes her own statement without being a pretender.” - Sheldon Nunn


Pamela York's opening track is the tuneful “I Hear Music” which aptly describes what the listener experiences with abundant pleasure from the CD. Ms. York has assembled an appealing list of selections to interpret in her own lyrical, swinging fashion consisting of half timeless standards and half her own creations. Illuminating her deep musicality, she included her intimacy with the blues on “Mama's Midnight Hour” and “Sphere of Influence” (which are a gas to listen to). Bassist Lynn Seaton lives up to his usual buoyant strengths and Sebastian Whittaker's drums are a great fit. From York's impressive solo piano and two appealing vocals, to her trio and quartet (via guitarist Mike Wheeler on three tunes), she is articulate in varied tempos and nuances. Pamela York is a formidable jazz musician with a bright future. I hear much music, and so will you.” - Herb Wong

— Jazz Education Journal